MTB bike in Iceland


A family run sheep farm started a new adventure few years ago. While chasing down the sheep from the summer pastures they always see the beauty of the paths the sheep has been walking for centuries.  The stunning, unspoiled nature. They´ve got this idea to make it accessible on bikes and here they are today. They used MTB bikes from Specialized. So, when you cycle, you feel like you are flying, it is so natural, easy, steady and safe!  You can bike endlessly in this unspoiled nature leaving no environmental foot marks as you are using the same paths as the sheep do! Believe me that the sheep know where to step with their feet.

We are a family of three, including my four years old boy. We speak to the farm and they were happy to adjust the trip to our needs.  We started with a jeep tour and head over on an off road towards to a cave in Laki (Skaftáreldar) lava fields. The cave is huge, you can feel the power of the lava flow there, find some ice and taste the purest water ever.  After we explore the cave (which was easy for my boy too) we had a picnic outside with some hot chocolate and cookies. Then we were ready to bike! It was about 15km downslide and I just flew like a bird! It was not a problem for my boy to jump on and off the car, bike a while, explore the nature around, pick up some berries, drink from an icy cold river or look for fish in crystal clear water ponds hidden in the Laki lava fields.